Brand ID's decals withstand harsh marine conditions.

Thousand of boats annually

TerhiTec Oy is one of Europe's leading boat manufacturers that produces approximately 5,000 boats annually at its two production facilities. Brand ID produces and supplies all the labelling products used in TerhiTec Oy’s Silver boats, from side decals to warning and type labels. The partnership began in the early 1990s, when TerhiTec was looking for a label supplier due to its growing business and production volumes.

Quality and durability

The boat industry imposes strict quality requirements on labelling products. The environment is challenging as salt water and sunlight wear and damage the surfaces. Boats have a long lifespan, even up to 20 years. This also places high expectations on the durability of
their labels and decals, which should remain visible and in place throughout the life of the boat.

– Quality is key for us. The labels have to be as durable as our boats. Brand ID’s experienced sales team can recommend the right products for different applications, and we are happy to leave the design work to skilled professionals, says TerhiTec Oy’s
Production Director Juha Lindroos.


TerhiTec Oy is proud of its Finnish roots. The company also prefers Finnish suppliers whenever possible. Lindroos is happy to find high-quality labelling expertise in Finland for the challenging needs of the boat industry.

  • A part of Otto Brandt-group
  • Two factories in Finland 
  • Manufactures 5000 boats annually