Decades of co-operation in branding forest machinery

Brand ID branding products withstand extreme conditions from Siberian frost to tropical heat.

For all types of woods in every condition

Ponsse is one of the world's leading forest machine manufacturers. The company's operations are guided by the wishes and needs of forest machine entrepreneurs. Ponsse's products cover the wide range of requirements that efficient logging operators in the world place on machinery: tree species range from pine to eucalyptus, technology has to withstand the tropical heat and arctic frost and climb even steep slopes.

Industrial graphics a vital part of the brand

Ponsse's forest machines, and consequently the branding products manufactured by Brand ID, work under extremely demanding conditions, from the frost of Siberia to the heat of South America and Australia. The circumstances pose challenges to the graphics that are part of the product image: fading of the labeling products would also be a blow to the Ponsse brand. When colors are preserved and glues continue to stick, forestry machines maintain their distinctive look.

– There have always been good conversations with Brand ID if challenges have been encountered or new branding needs arise. Solutions and alternatives are considered together, and Brand ID really listens to the customer. They have a clear desire to help if they see that the current solution will not work in the future. The co-operation with our product development team is intense, explains Tiina Haapalainen, Ponsse Oyj's Purchasing Manager.

Versatile graphics

Brand ID supplies Ponsse with warning, instruction, type and logo labels, front-mounted dome decals and device labels, and instrument panels. In addition, Brand ID provides taping training for Ponsse installers at the Vieremä plant. 

– Due to changes in our selection, the product repertoire of labeled products also changes, and that's when we listen to Brand ID's views on material choices, for example. A major overhaul of the machine line-up a couple of years ago started with the new emissions directive for engines. At the same time, a new look was created for the machine collection, which also led to the renewal of our graphics, Haapalainen says.

Ponsse Oyj
  • One of the world's leading forest machine manufacturers

  • Finland's Most Reputed Company 2018 (T-Medias Trust & Reputation Survey)

  • Employs over 1600 people

  • Turnover ca 612 M € (2018)