a Chain store had a visual makeover

Brand ID renewed the visual identity of all HalpaHalli stores across Finland.


Retail products for everyday living

HalpaHalli is a Finnish family business with 50 years of experience in the retail industry. The company’s operating principle has been the same since the beginning: HalpaHalli's aim is to provide excellent customer service and high-quality products for everyday life.

Help from a pilot project and interior design

Brand ID and HalpaHalli have been partners for over 15 years. In spring 2018, HalpaHalli renewed its entire store concept. The makeover of the large, 4000–5000 sqm stores was facilitated by a pilot project implemented in the Kokkola store as well as the retail space concept and interior design solutions provided by Brand ID. The pilot project showed how the new concept and Brand ID’s printing and interior solutions would fit in with the store environment. The ideas were later put into practice together with Brand ID.

From entrance to the farthest corner of the store

Brand ID implemented the stores’ embossed friezes, cooler graphics, dressing room decals, display stands, tables and pallets, instruction and information signs, and all other store graphics all the way from vestibules. Old window decals were removed. New outdoor decals were designed to withstand demanding weather conditions, and the indoor fixtures and store materials were designed to be user-friendly, adjustable and durable.

– Brand ID printed, delivered and installed the store materials and window decals in 36 stores on a tight schedule. The pilot project was important, because it provided concrete solutions. At the same time, it also revealed what kind of fixtures and materials we were still lacking. Materials had to be removed and precise measurements had to be taken in every store. The project management and coordination were in good hands, says HalpaHalli’s Deputy Managing Director Ari Isohella.


Kokkolan HalpaHalli Oy

•    A Finnish retail chain store
•    1,500 employees
•    36 stores