Bauer Media

Spectacular advertising material for radio channels and festivalS

Thanks to Brand ID's design expertise, Finland's largest radio house stands out with unique print materials.


A pioneer in audio business

Bauer Media is the largest radio house in Finland and a pioneer in audio business.

While the company focuses on popular audio content across different distribution platforms, Bauer Media also sees audio more broadly: as a great potential in marketing communications and as an opportunity for customer business.

Bauer Media offers its expertise in multimedia audio concept that builds recognizable brand stories.

VIP parking spots and large format prints on the front of Hartwall Arena

Brand ID and Bauer Media have been cooperating in various forms for over 10 years.

Bauer Media relies heavily on Brand ID for its print materials - from outdoor billboards to promotional sheets and festival coverage to beach flags.

Some of the most striking work has been the taping of individual VIP parking boxes and the over 40-meter sheet on the wall of Hartwall Arena. Also the visibility of the Iskelmä-Festival is entirely produced by Brand ID.

Ideas are often juggled together.

Brand ID is able to deliver finished products quickly and offers design expertise in special surfaces and shapes, for example. They know the usability and legality of materials and products.

When we reach the right person right away, we can go straight forward. This is a major advantage in times of urgency. Brand ID has a comprehensive production chain, which makes delivery times particularly short, says Ismo Heikkilä, Creative Director of Bauer Media Oy.

Brand ID's problem solving skills appreciated

The stages of cooperation include, for example, raw testing ideas - can the idea be implemented, and if so, how? Bauer Media values ​​Brand ID's problem solving skills.

Brand ID thinks about how an idea is implemented, not why it cannot be implemented.

The partner's technical and operational commitment is important. At the same time, resources are released when you can trust that everything will happen on time, Heikkilä recalls

Bauer Media
  • Europes number one radio operator  
  • Over a hundred TV and radio channels
  • Owns and publishes approximately 600 magazines and approximately 400 digital media worldwide
  • In Finland, for example. Radio Nova, Iskelmä, KISS, Radio City, Suomi Rock and
  • Almost three million listeners every week