Pricer ESL electronic shelf labelling

Pricer ESL electronic shelf labelling

Pricer ESL is an electronic shelf labelling system that updates prices
in a matter of seconds and frees up staff time for customer service.

With up to 15 years of battery life.

The electronic shelf labelling system enables immediate or scheduled price changes

The right price plays a very important role in customer satisfaction. Pricer ESL is an electronic price display system that allows price changes to be displayed on store shelves automatically when updated prices appear on electronic price displays. The same prices as at the till, which makes life easier for customers. The result is satisfied customers, and there will be no lost sales or resentment caused by false price labels.

The Pricer ESL system is quick and delay-free. It meets all the needs of the modern store now and in the future. In the system integrated into the store’s till system, the ESL price display is paired with the product. Price changes can be implemented according to a schedule or at will.

Why digital price labels?

The store may have several time-consuming pricing processes where delays affect the customer’s purchasing experience, the store’s profitability and sales. The wrong price on the price label can be expensive for the store.

Price errors often occur in stores with paper price labels – typically 5–10% of products consistently have the wrong price. Updating thousands or even tens of thousands of paper labels is difficult and time-consuming.

From the shelves to customer service

Pricer ESL electronic price labels enable staff to focus on what really matters – customer service. This not only increases sales, but also frees up valuable and important working time for employees to stock critical products.

As price changes often come in irregular batches, it is also difficult to staff accordingly. Without a digital and automated system, stores may have to call in extra people to get the job done in time.

For grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies

Pricer has a strong and reliable market position as well as continuous product support, which ensure the development of the system also in the future. The digital price display system could work in any industry. For instance, pharmacies, hardware stores and grocery stores are an excellent target as they have many products, shelves and prices, and the staff are busy with many different things taking place in the store.

For example, the Pricer ESL electronic shelf labelling system allows the retailer to react to small changes in the purchase prices and to ensure that the store does not lose profit if the supplier increases the prices.

Get more out of your campaigns

Thanks to the Pricer ESL electronic shelf labelling system, printing and placing paper price labels around the store is now a thing of the past. The price at the till is no longer different from the price at the shelf, and changing campaigns and promotions no longer increase the workload and stress levels of the staff in the same way.

On the contrary, when campaigns and offers attract a crowd, employees have time to serve and produce positive customer experiences in a completely different way than before. If the product has several storage locations, there is no need to remember to mark the offer to both locations. This way, no one will miss the offers, and different prices will not cause confusion.

Discounted products can be marked on the price displays with, for example, a flashing LED light and a different-looking discount view.

Great help for collection and shelving

The Pricer ESL price display system uses optical data transfer as the only manufacturer. It controls the digital price displays completely error-free. Once installed, the system works always. Even the battery life of the display-specific battery is significantly longer than in Wi-Fi-based systems.

Using triangulation-based locating, the shelf place and location of the product is known even if the product is moved from one part of the store to another. The staff have access to a display-specific LED that flashes to speed up collection and shelving and ensures the correct shelf place of the product. This makes it possible to place similar packaging easily in the right places, for example.

The Pricer ESL electronic shelf labelling system can be used for product tracking. It allows the customer to search for a product independently, for example, with their smartphone, if the store’s product search feature shows the location and shelf place of the product.

As the Pricer partner in Finland, Brand ID Hamari Group Oy is responsible for the system delivery, support services and installations. Brand ID’s technical support helps with questions concerning the system and its operations, and provides solutions and assistance quickly.

Pricer ESL electronic shelf labelling

  • Update prices in one go
  • Improves the store’s sales and customer experience
  • Makes life easier for the staff and modernises the image
  • Optical data transfer enables the best battery life on the market
  • Product locating and shelving assistance shorten the repayment period


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