Pirkan Pakkaus Oy has changed its name to Brand ID Display & Packaging Oy

5.6.2019 13.00


Pirkan Pakkaus Oy has changed its name and will henceforth be known as
Brand ID Display & Packaging Oy. Only the company's name has changed; its business ID and billing and contact information remain the same.

In November 2018, Pirkan Pakkaus Oy became part of the Brand ID Group through acquisition. The name change will strengthen the identity and role of the display and packaging business within the Group and update our message for the future.

“The name change is part of our development package, which strengthens our range of services, bringing the entire range of Brand ID Group’s products and services to our customers,” says Brand ID Display & Packaging Oy’s CEO Tero Luoma.

The Brand ID Group is composed of two companies: Brand ID Oy, a manufacturer of industrial decals and graphic products, and Brand ID Display & Packaging Oy, a manufacturer of display and packaging products. Printcenter Oy, belonging to the Brand ID Group, will merge with Brand ID Display & Packaging  Oy during the fall of 2019.

Tero Luoma, CEO, Brand ID Display & Packaging Oy, +358 (0)40 527 9160, tero.luoma(at)brandid.fi
Juha Heljakka, Chairman of the Board, Brand ID Display & Packaging Oy, +358 (0) 500 700 105, juha.heljakka(at)brandid.fi