From old post office to modern store

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Brand ID implemented the visual design of the new Sale store on the edge of Pori market square

How could we transform an old post office building into a modern store?

That was the premise for opening a new Satakunnan Osuuskauppa cooperative store in the business premises that were situated on the edge of Pori market square. The space of approx. 300 square metres was significantly smaller than the corporation’s other stores. However, there was more room up above: the ceiling was several metres high.

“The premises used to be Pori’s main post office, and they have a mezzanine above the main level. They are very exceptional premises for a retail space,” says Satakunnan Osuuskauppa’s Group Manager Merja Perttula-Vuori. “The narrow but high space posed some challenges, but it also offered some possibilities,” she continues.


A new visual design increases sales

Brand ID helped the Satakunnan Osuuskauppa cooperative to create the new visual design for the store.

“It all started with mapping out ideas from which we chose solutions that were appropriate for the space. After that, we held a discussions with the client about the solution options and things that should be incorporated into the space to keep the visuals in line with the chain branding,” says Brand ID’s Sales Manager for retail and office branding Janne Vallinen.

The exceptional space had to be taken into consideration at every step of the way.

Brand ID implemented window graphics and store signs, among other visual aspects, for the new Sale Tori store. The store signs, for example, are usually suspended from the ceiling, but it was not possible in this case due to the unusual ceiling height.

“We had to find other solutions to make a pleasing yet practical retail space.”

The significance of visual design in retail spaces continues to grow. A well-thought-out and polished look gives business a boost.

“The customers want to have memorable experiences, it’s one of the biggest current trends. It could also be said that renewing the branding increases sales,” Vallinen says.


Customised solutions in line with the chain concept

Spacious and different, a slightly unusual store.

That is the first impression of Sale Tori which opened its doors to customers in summer 2020.

“The store is still small and compact as a space, but thanks to the height, it feels spacious and bigger than its actual floor size.

The chain concept has been taken into consideration well, too. I’m very pleased with the result and our collaboration with Brand ID,” Perttula-Vuori says.

Sale Tori specialises in foods that are quick to take away, as well as snacks and hot and cold beverages.

The citizens of Pori have embraced the new store.

Employees’ t-shirts feature the slogan “Sale Torilla tavataan”, which is a play on a traditional Finnish saying and also invites customers to visit the Sale Tori store.

“I’ve heard only positive feedback from the customers. Customers have said it’s a one-of-a-kind store, and that it is quick and easy to shop there.

So, the feedback mentioned the very things we were aiming for.”

“The narrow yet high space posed some challenges, but it also offered some possibilities.”

Merja Perttula-Vuori
Group Manager at Satakunnan Osuuskauppa cooperative

A polished look gives business a boost. It ’s a growing trend that even a shopping trip should be a memor able experience.

Merja Perttula-Vuori has received only positive feedback from the new visual design.

The space with impressive ceiling height required customised solutions regarding the positioning of the store signs.

The chain concept is recognisable throughout the store.

Visual designs are made memorable in different ways