Erik makes dreams come true

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Are you building a brand? Does your store need renewing? Are you planning a campaign? Brand ID Fenix Sign’s project management has received much praise.

“The easiest thing is to give us the project. We'll take care of everything; all you have to do is approve the plan. And you can focus on your own core competencies,” says Project Manager Erik Mykrä. 

Project management has been developed to the highest level in Brand ID. Carefully planned work leads to the goal desired by the customer.

"I calmly go through the idea with the customer. We consider the important issues concerning the project, such as what, where and by when. Based on the negotiations, we build the backbone, meaning a clear, individual plan and then implement that plan. The core task is to keep the project on schedule and on budget," Erik Mykrä says

Many product groups from the same channel

Erik knows his field and the best experts, monitors the development of the industry and suggests new options to consider. Thinking outside the box often brings those moments of revelation.

Brand ID has a wide range of expertise in various areas, giving the customer added value. When a customer receives many product groups from the same channel, ordering is easy and effortless. It also saves costs.

"We are also happy to provide our creative know-how and new, innovative solutions for companies' own design departments. For example, the recent acquisition of Fenix Sign brought new special expertise and interesting opportunities," Erik says.

However, he points out that good existing elements do not always have to be scrapped.

"You can always improve and enhance the old ones."

Keeping a tight rein

When getting acquainted with the space to be renovated, the customer's employees are often involved bringing with them ideas and wishes. Erik has an excellent ability to concentrate, he gets to know the object in peace and guides the customer in choosing the implementation options. Once the details are fixed, scheduling begins. It is built backwards from the deadline.

"I calculate how much time each work phase takes: design, production, shipments, installations. Big projects include many parts and details, and you should always be prepared for surprises as well. You have to keep your head together, and the lessons learnt really help with problem solving." 

Once all the details of the project have been agreed on, work begins immediately.

"I keep a tight rein and follow the agreed script. This keeps schedules and costs in check. The same principles and work ethic apply whether we are working with one kiosk or a whole retail chain."

The customer does not have to take care of anything themselves. The project progresses according to the agreed step signs towards the goal. If desired, the customer can, of course, monitor the progress through a real-time application. It shows the current situation in words and images. One after another, the red dots indicating unfinished work will turn green until the whole project is complete.

DID YOU KNOW? Brand ID provides its teams with detailed installation and safety instructions. This means installers across Finland know exactly what they are doing. It saves everyone's time, and the customer's experts can safely focus on their core competencies. Large chains, in particular, have praised this approach.


Renewals of retail or service station chains, for example, often need to be implemented on a very fast schedule. And the renovations must be ready in different parts of Finland at the same time. Erik gives a few examples.

  • In total, 54 Neste automated stations in various parts of Finland were converted into Express stations this autumn. With good planning and professional teams, the project went smoothly.
  • Last year, our three installation teams worked closely together and renewed the look of 300 Neste stations. The stations were upgraded at the same time and despite the tight schedule, the makeover was successful.
  • In two months, we worked in 780 K-stores and renewed the service frameworks. Great work.

Erik Mykrä

  • Project Manager
  • Age: 33
  • Lives in Kalaholma, Pori
  • Family: wife Marjut and one-year-old daughter Ella 
  • Hobby: Conservation and restoration of cars, applies the laws of project management he has discovered useful in his work