Display stands help build your brand

11.9.2019 11.01

Brand ID produces the most diverse range of instore marketing materials in Finland from almost any material or combination thereof: cardboard, card, plastic, wood, metal, and so on. The customer can find in-store marketing and display solutions efficiently under one roof. Brand ID ensures brand consistency with high technology.

– “With the largest offset printers in Finland and our unmatched expertise in printing and screen printing, we help customers develop their business. We can print an entire display stand with our offset printer, even in a large size,” says Brand ID Display &Packaging Oy’s CEO Tero Luoma.

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Study: a display stand increases sales

Good planning makes display stands cost-effective: component optimisation and structural details that speed up assembly and stacking facilitate material handling and management and provide cost savings. In addition, we ensure the successful display in the store by providing electronic or printed assembly instructions, if necessary.

A well-designed and well-printed display stand makes your brand stand out and attracts customers to purchase the displayed product. Stores are even willing to display an unknown product as long as it has a separate stand. If the product sells, it will be given a permanent place on the shelf.

“Thanks to the modularity of the stands, we can ensure coherent structures. A coherent display creates a harmonious whole and increases sales. When stands of diff erent sizes and heights are placed side by side, they can look very busy. We take this into consideration in the early design stages, when we gothrough the customer’s range of stands,” says Sales Manager Mira Eklund.

“A display stand attracts more ttention than shelf space and increases the possibility of impulse purchases. According to research, a product sells much more eff ectively if it’s placed in a separate display stand,” says Sales Manager Seija Fabritius, who has nearly 30 years of experience in display solutions.