Brand ID spreads joy to local families

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Today, a sticker sheet and a colouring book are delivered to 1,800 mailboxes in Pori, as the joint project of Brand ID, Tactic Games and Glad Media wants to bring joy to the lives of families who spend their time at home.

Remote work is familiar to many families right now. Parents work from home and children study remotely.

From these experiences came the idea of ​​spreading joy to local families . Today, on Wednesday, 1,800 sticker sheets and colouring books are delivered to local families in Pori. 

- We wondered how we could, with our own contribution, bring joy and relief to the daily lives of families with children. That was the origin of our project. The main product of our company is sticker in all its forms, so the choice was clear. We want to carry our own card in the pile and help in the midst of new everyday challenges, says Juha Heljakka, CEO of Brand ID.

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The colouring books are a production of Tactic Games. The international game maker was immediately ready to participate in the project by donating stacks of colouring books to the delight of the little ones in the family. The “Little Moments” sticker sheet is designed by Glad Media producer and AD Anu Glad.

- The sheet is inspired by all the favorite things of my 2-year-old child. Games, books, and games are needed in order to keep the litlle one entertained during the long days at home, she says.

Brand ID has had a strong partnership with Glad Media for the past year. Among other things, Glad Media has produced customer magazines and trade fair materials for Brand ID. Glad Media was a natural partner in carrying out this joyful project.

Brand ID also wants to encourage other companies to do good at this time.

- We challenge other companies to carry out similar projects. We will overcome this crisis together by sharing good will and hope for our environment, Juha Heljakka says.

Brand ID, Tactic Games and Glad Media wishes everyone a happy spring!

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For more information:

Marketing Coordinator Linnea Mattila, Brand ID Oy, linnea.mattila(at) +358 44 738 1925
Brand ID Oy is a printing house specializing in industrial graphics and branding

Managing Director Tomi Glad, Glad Media Oy, tomi.glad(at) 040 510 7042
Glad Media Oy is a Pori-based communications production company

Marketing Manager Jemina Heljakka, jemi.heljakka(at), +358 2 6244 123
Tactic Games Oy is an international game manufacturer​​​​​​