Brand ID Group is prepared for the outbreak of Corona virus

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13.3.2020 12.00

Risk management and preparedness are a part of Brand ID Groups normal functions. At the moment we have raised our preparedness levels due to Corona virus.

We take this matter very seriously, and act in accordance with the instructions of the Finnish health authorities (THL, STM) in protecting the health of our personnel and our customers.

We are prepared for the rapidly changing situation, and are taking measures to ensure that the manufacturing and delivery of our products can continue despite the situation. We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our products and to avoid contamination, by limiting business travel and customer contacts to a minimum.


Deliveries will continue in all situations.

We are prepared to keep our production units running in the event of a regional outbreak of the virus. In such a case, we will move the production to our other production units. We have four production units in Finland, located in Jyäskylä, Helsinki, Pirkkala and Pori.

Our customer service is prepared for exceptional circumstances and arrangements have been made to safeguard our operational capability. In the event of a Force Majeure, we will contact our customers immediately. This may be the case, for example, in a regional mass outbreak of the virus, or government issued limitations on the mobility of people


Active communication about the situation is carried out whenever there are changes that affect our customers

If Corona virus has any effect on our deliveries or production, we will inform our customers immediately by e-mail, on our website ( and in our social media channels in Facebook and LinkedIn.


Corona virus is not transmitted through Brand ID products or related shipments

The raw materials used in our production are mainly domestic and are not related to materials imported from the epidemic areas. According to present knowledge, the goods do not present any risk of infection. We have raised the hygiene standards in all our facilities and our staff has been instructed on how to operate in the current situation in order to avoid any contamination.

According to current knowledge, deliveries of the goods pose no risk of contamination. If there are any changes to the situation, we will inform our customers immediately.


Business travel and face to face-meetings are cancelled

For the time being, we will refrain completely from business travel. We do not welcome guests to any of our facilities except in exceptional cases. Customer meetings will take place remotely. Business travel between our offices is also suspended for the time being.

If there is even the slightest chance of exposure, our staff is instructed to stay home until the risk of falling ill has passed.

If there is any reason at all to suspect an infection, we have instructed our staff to act in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities, remain in their homes and contact their local hospital and to avoid any close contact with anybody in order to minimize the risk of contaminating others.

 We maintain the highest hygiene standards in our offices and production units. In all our functions, we act in accordance with the instructions of the Finnish health authorities, in order to help minimize the spreading of the epidemic.


In Pori 13.03.2020

Juha Heljakka

CEO, Brand ID Group