industrial graphics

Machine, equipment and brand decals for industrial needs.

visibility and recognition through industrial graphics

We provide durable industrial graphics solutions that make your products stand out. Our products are suitable for environments that require extreme durability as well as for short-term labelling needs. Our wide selection includes screen-printed, special-printed and shape-cut labels. 

Logo and brand decals

Logo and brand decals

Logo decals help label your products in a distinctive and stylish way.

In order to ensure the best and most durable results, our digital and screen-printed solutions are designed together with the customer, and the production method and material of the labels are always chosen according to the application and surface material.

Machine labels and plates

Machine labels and plates

We produce durable and unique machine labels and plates. 

Our product range includes decals as well as plastic and aluminium solutions. The best solution is always chosen based on the application and durability requirements. 

3D-logos and domed decals

3D-logos and domed decals

Our 3D logos and domed labels provide a stylish solution for customising your products.

3D logos stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

The airtight and weatherproof dome protects the label. The domed labels can withstand solvents, disinfection and even high-pressure cleaning. 


IML - In mould-labeling

The in-mould labelling technique allows printing logos and labels directly into the product.

The desired label is placed in a mould, and the result is a seamless, finished piece with decorations and graphics. The overlaying membrane protects the colour and provides the label with high mechanical and chemical resistance.

Front panels and overlay membranes

Front panels and overlay membranes

Overlay membranes are a perfect solution for applications that require high durability.

Durable screen-printed polycarbonate overlay membranes are fade-resistant and will not lose colour even if exposed to sunlight, and they are extremely resistant to mechanical stress. Holes for panel lights and meters will be precision-cut from the membrane. 

Membrane switches

Membrane switches

Membrane switches can be used to implement low-voltage switch solutions, such as control panels. The surface can be decorated with various graphics and embossed patterns according to the customer’s wishes.

Membrane switches are extremely durable and resistant to wear, and they are easy to install due to their adhesive surface.

Instruction and warning labels

Instruction and warning labels

Instruction and warning labels help to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

We offer custom solutions in addition to standard products.

Production methods and surface and adhesive materials are always chosen according to the application in order to ensure optimal durability.

Special products and anti-slip products

Special products and anti-slip products

We provide special decal solutions for industrial needs.

Our reflective, photoluminescent and anti-slip products are designed according to the customer’s needs.

The products can be cut to any shape. We also provide hard plastic and transparent solutions for other special needs.

product and raw Material optimisation

We provide an optimal solution for selecting the right amounts of products and labels and for choosing the right raw materials. We will help you manage your product portfolio and reduce product overlaps.



warehousing and logistics

We hold a buffer stock for our customers and provide a storage service for smaller items. With the help of our reliable logistics partner network, we can ensure timely deliveries and deliver products from our warehouse directly to the customer’s doorstep. 


testing and quality control

We test the durability, weather-resistance and adhesive strength of our products and the behaviour of materials on different surfaces. We ensure high quality by checking all products for any defects before delivering them to the customer.




We instruct and train our customers how to use graphics. We can also organise installation training at the customer’s production line to speed up the customer’s processes and to achieve the best possible results.



Product developement

Our skilled sales personnel and experienced production team are experts in developing existing products as well as creating completely new solutions to meet customers’ specific needs.




Depending on the application and material, we offer a warranty of up to 12 years for our products. Our sales team will help you select the right product for your specific needs.




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