Lasting Competitive Advantage

Brand ID provides Industrial Branding Solutions for customers all over Europe. Our extensive experience and own product development guarantee top-quality printed branding solutions.

Industrial Branding Solutions

We test and develop our products in an ongoing basis to ensure their durability meets the requirements of international standards.

Our industrial branding solutions are always designed and manufactured according to client-specific needs and product-specific features. Our industrial branding solutions include logo and brand decals, machine labels and plates, and warning decals.

Logo and brand decals

Labels and machine plates

Front panels and surface foils

Warning decals

3D logos and IML products

Anti-slip and special products

Decking Solutions

Membrane Switches 

Industrial Branding Solution Warranties


All the colours and materials of Brand ID products intended for outdoor use are guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years.


10-year warranty is granted to products with a special protective coating – this applies in particular to outdoor use.


The 7-year warranty covers the requirements of many automotive industry standards and manufacturers. Excellent product features and durability combined with reasonable production costs. 


The best and the most durable industrial branding products are manufactured using the best specialized raw materials and methods. In such cases, the product is granted a 12-year warranty in outdoor use.

The Brand ID Warranty takes into account:
  • UV radiation and its fading effect
  • Chemical duration related to motor oil, detergents and other chemicals
  • Weather-related humidity and temperature changes
  • Strain related to cleaning methods, such as pressure cleaning
  • The effects of air pollution
  • Mechanical durability

Brand Management

Brand Management creates added business value. It is a consultation-based service that strengthens the company's image and provides tools for both maintenance and processing of data and materials.

Brand Ambassador – Customer's right hand

Brand AmbassadorTM is a Brand ID Specialist that maps out the customer's needs and challenges – and provides a solution! Call for Brand Ambassador and get things done!