Durable Image Maintenance

Brand ID is the brand guard who takes care of keeping your brand recognisable.

Brand Management keeps your brand in shape

Our Brand Management Services create added value and guarantee your brand gets recognized. 

It is a consultation-based service that aims to unite the product with the brand in all circumstances. Brand ID provides comprehensive and tailored service that can include the following:

  • A digital Brand Book and brand data management: the development of company image, as well as tools for maintaining and processing statistics, data and materials.
  • Standardization of products and raw materials
  • Project management
  • Training
  • Spare parts for industrial branding products
  • New decals for old products
  • Development & design of brand strategy (through a subcontractor)

Industrial Branding Solutions

Brand Concepts

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Brand AmbassadorTM is a Brand ID Specialist that maps out the customer's needs and challenges – and provides a solution! Call for Brand Ambassador and get things done!

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