Brand ID Hamari Group Oy supports in the renewal of the electronic shelf labelling system of the company’s stores. store introduced ‘electronic price tags’ for the first time already in 2002.

“We have wanted to be pioneers and react quickly to price changes. Our slogan is Probably always cheaper. In practice, we respond to this promise with electronic shelf labelling,” says Teemu Puikkonen, the Sales Director of stores.

Electronic shelf labelling, or ESL systems, have proven to be an excellent way to serve customers. In the future, the development of systems will offer even more opportunities.
Thanks to the ESL system, you might find the product you are looking for in the store in an instant.

“We can show the location of the product within one metre, and possibly make a flashing LED light available to customers as well. You just press a button and the product you are looking for starts flashing,” says’s Roni Öberg about the company’s new ESL system Pricer.


The cooperation between and Brand ID Hamari Group Oy began when Finland’s largest online store applied for a new ESL system.

One technological angle we wanted to offer was automatic location information. Pricer was chosen as a partner because of the reliability and functionality of the location system,” Öberg says.

Pricer Ab is a global market leader in digital shelf labelling. The partner of the Pricer system in Finland has been Hamari Group Oy. The company has been part of the Brand ID Group since the autumn of 2021.

Brand ID Hamari Group Oy believes in the future of digital systems in consumer trade as it opens up many new opportunities for consumer trade.
At this is known very well.

“Electronic shelf labelling has been part of our strong competitiveness,” says Teemu Puikkonen.

In the future, the ESL development will offer even more opportunities.

TEXT: Timo Riihentupa

Watch the video for more information on choosing the online store’s Pricer