• Kauppaporvari’s pharmacy

Kauppaporvari’s first pharmacy

Raahe’s pharmacy integrated its cash register and pharmacy systems with the Pricer ESL price display system.

Combining software with cooperation

The integration of Kauppaporvari’s 1st pharmacy and digital price display software and interface went quickly as a collaboration project. The first pharmacy installation was done in early summer 2017. Product information from the cash register system is transferred to the ESL price tags.

The various functions of the Pricer system can also be controlled from the store level using a wireless handheld terminal. These functions include, for example, linking or removing the price tag and the product or adding text to the price tag.

The system updates the prices automatically

Product information is automatically sent directly from the checkout system. The Pricer system processes the information and updates it to the digital price tags, but only if any of the information has changed. If the data remains the same, the update is not wastefully sent to the price screens.

The system also implemented with regular and campaign prized product capabilities, so the system can automatically change the digital price tag template to the normal or sale price view. With different templates, it’s possible to distinguish a normal-priced product from a on-sale product. This was achieved by changing the colours of the price screen to reverse (black background) and by using Pricer’s flashing Smart Flash LED light as an attention grabber. Thanks to this, customers have provided positive feedback about very easy-to-find offers.

– It makes no sense for the staff to print price stickers and fiddle with new price tags between the plastic strips every two weeks. From the time savings, the staff can focus much more of their time to customer service, pharmacist Ilkka Lievonen highlights.