Nelostuote Group was founded 1967. Immediately the following year the company began with screen printing, which in the early 1970s specialised in the needs of industry by printing decals and other graphics.

In 1980 the subsidiary Suomen Nelosmainos Oy was founded in Tampere, which soon grew into one of the largest window dressing companies in the retail sector. For a long time our largest customer was Kesko.

In 2007 we brought together Nelostuote’s successful screen printing business, operating in Pori, and Suomen Nelosmainos Oy in Tampere. The new company took the name Brand ID Oy and the company is owned by Nelostuote Oy.

Brand ID is one of the largest companies in the Nordic countries specialized in industrial graphics and also one of the largest store and corporate image companies in Finland. Our strength lies in our know-how, which is supported by our excellent partnership network.

The beginning of year 2010 became also a milestone in Brand ID’s history, as Brand ID started with activities in Kempele. The new acquired equipment made it possible for Brand ID to produce even more versatile marking products.

Brand ID on oikea kumppani vahvistamaan näkyvyyttä ja mielikuvaa.